Dr. Mitchell Olson

Dentist in Hayden

Dr. Mitchell Olson

Dr. Mitchell Olson graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and his Doctor of Surgery at the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the American Dental Association and has his Sedation Permit through the Idaho Board of Dentistry.

Dr. Olson has over 34 years of experience, providing quality work, including: IV and Oral Sedation, complex wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, pain management, CAD/CAM same day crowns, and Implants. He enjoys getting to know each one of his patients, making them feel part of the Alpine Dental Family.

When he’s not working enjoys being in the great outdoors and playing hockey. In the summertime, he likes to spend time on Lake Cocolalla with his three daughters and getting together with family during the holidays.

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Dr. Olson offers a number of dental treatments that can keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful. Contact us today!

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