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Dental Services and Oral Surgery in Hayden, Idaho

At Alpine Dental Associates, your comfort is always our top priority. Located in Hayden, Idaho, our family dentist provides you with a full range of dental services that range from regular checkups to oral surgery. We have a wonderful staff, and our advanced sedation procedures will keep you relaxed and relatively pain-free throughout your visit.

Preventative Dentistry

Our office provides full-service, preventative dental maintenance for people of all ages. We perform routine dental cleanings and comprehensive exams using the latest digital X-rays, which emit a lower dose of radiation.
To prevent gum disease, we do periodontal services such as deep root scaling. We can also apply sealants to your teeth in order to preserve the enamel.

Dental Restoration

At Alpine Dental Associates, you have a wide array of restorative options available to you. Common restorations include tooth-colored fillings and gold or porcelain crowns. To replace missing teeth, we design and place bridges and dental implants. If dentures or removable partials are your only option, we can make them to your satisfaction. For a more brilliant smile with a uniform look, we offer naturally white veneers to cover the front of your teeth.

Oral Surgery

Our office excels in making oral surgery as comfortable and painless as possible for our patients. We are able to do root canal treatment and tooth extractions using Oral or IV conscious sedation.

Tooth Whitening & Mouth Guards

Get that perfectly white smile you have always wanted faster than ever before. We do professional at home teeth whitening that utilizes the correct strength of cleaners and the proper tools, for a prompt and perfect whitening experience. Our office also creates custom-fitted protective mouth guards for sports and night guards for sleeping.
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